Our Story

The Essence of Shawnigan Retreats

At Shawnigan Retreats, our story is woven into the tranquil shores of Shawnigan Lake, where every detail reflects our passion for exceptional hospitality. Inspired by the serene beauty of Vancouver Island, we've crafted a retreat that offers both adventure and relaxation. Our locations—the luxurious main house and the cozy cabin—are designed to be your home away from home, a place where memories are cherished and the spirit of the island is alive.

Experience the care and attention that make Shawnigan Retreats a destination where every visit is unique, and every guest is part of our continuing legacy.


Crafting Unforgettable Lakeside Moments

Our philosophy at Shawnigan Retreats is rooted in the belief that every guest deserves an experience as unique as the stunning nature surrounding us. We are dedicated to blending comfort with the splendor of Shawnigan Lake, ensuring that every stay is not just a getaway, but an adventure rich with relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our commitment to personal touches and thoughtful service is evident in every aspect of our retreat, from the well-appointed amenities to the carefully designed spaces that invite you to unwind and connect with nature. At Shawnigan Retreats, we don't just host guests; we curate moments that last a lifetime.


Elevate your stay with our services

Private Dock and Beach

Enjoy exclusive access to Shawnigan Lake with our private dock and serene beach area.

EV Charging & Parking

Convenient on-site parking with EV charging stations for a worry-free stay.

BBQ & Outdoor Dining

Experience al fresco dining with our fully-equipped BBQ and picturesque outdoor settings.

Seamless High-Speed Wi-Fi

Stay connected with our reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, available throughout the property.

Sauna & Hot Tub Haven

Indulge in the warmth and tranquility of our lakeside sauna and hot tub for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Pickleball & Ping-Pong Fun

Enjoy our pickleball court and ping-pong table for active, fun-filled recreation and friendly matches.